Best Places Online For Movie Streaming

Feeling bored? And at the same time much lazy to go outside? Time for some movie and snacks at home then! But being a part of a tech-smart generation, we have a number of ways to enjoy our favorite time pass rather than spending bucks going to a movie theatre or compromising with the movie choices on television.

While we have a ton of apps to watch movies on our mobile devices, most of us like it on a bigger screen. So here we have narrowed down some amazing movie streaming sites that will offer the latest and most highly rated movies which you can view from your laptop or PC.

  1. PopcornFlix: Recently gaining much popularity, this site something for all moods. Romantic, action, thriller, here you will find movies of all genre. It has a limited number of ads. It is free and uses no unethical means. So give it a try.
  2. Tubi TV: This one will let you enjoy the latest and a range of popular movies, TV Shows and series for free. You will need a quick registration and that’s it. The library is frequently updated but it doesn’t notify when the movie becomes unavailable. So keep that in check.
  3. Netflix: How could we miss this one? Other than the amazing HD quality, stylish appearance and easy to use interface, the thing that most drives people towards it in spite of the subscription fee is its collection. Netflix is regularly updated and has some of the best movies and TV series to keep you hooked. Many of them are originals of Netflix. Utterly fresh content and all must watches!
  4. Snag Films: If Netflix sounds too cliché, try this one out. This too has some original content and more than 2000 videos, movies, series, documentaries and so on. Its collection of classic movies is something to look for.
  5. 123movies: This movie streaming site is all free and doesn’t require any sign-up process. The site itself doesn’t host any content. But it embeds the best movies and TV shows from sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime or Ripped DVD. Unfortunately, so much free stuff makes it fall under the list of illegal movie streaming sites. Ethical humans may skip this one out if they wish to.

Here you go the ultimate list of movie streaming sites. If you have any specific movie in mind, you will definitely find it in any of the sites mentioned above. So Lights off, headphones on and start watching!